This is, by in large, the best NBA blog in the known universe! Here on Worthless Gold you will find the most controversial, hottest takes on the entire internet, which will make you question everything you know.

How’d I come up with the name Worthless Gold you ask? Well, truth be told, it’s the name of an old blog I started in high school, I just didn’t want to spend the $22 to change it to something more basketball oriented.

So here you are, Worthless Gold.

Take a look around!

If you want to read my opinion on the NBA’s latest then check out Spence’s Two Cents. If your team sucks a little just like mine does (damn you Minnesota), then check out Funny-ish. If you dislike certain media personalities as much as I do, I’m talking about you Skip, then click on Rebuttals where I shred their arguments to pieces. Lastly, we have predictions, where I look into my crystal ball and make the boldest predictions known to man.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy reading my content as much as I enjoyed writing it.

-Spencer G.