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Did you know the Bucks have Won 11 Straight?

It’s funny, while the Lakers were on their 10 game winning streak, that seemed to be all we heard about. In fact, I don’t think I saw or heard the Milwaukee Bucks get mentioned once, yet, they themselves were on a 10 game winning streak as well. Last night the Bucks continued their streak, and

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Have Triple-Doubles Become Overrated?

I remember only 4 or 5 seasons ago, a triple-double was considered a major accomplishment. It wasn’t a no-hitter, or a perfect passer rating, but nonetheless, it was something worthy of praise. Now, however, it doesn’t really seem to have the same kind of weight that it used to. Why is this? There’s no question

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Wolves vs Wizards Preview: We need another dominant win.

Tonight the Timberwolves (7-4) face off against the Wizards (2-7) for the second time this season. The first game saw the Wolves winning by 22 points in dominant fashion, hitting 17 threes, and shooting 53% from the field. They’ll look to do much of the same tonight, hoping to bring their winning streak to 3

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