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Harden Makes Lots of Free Throws, Kawhi & Clippers Bounce Back, & New York Gets a Win.

Last night was a busy one for the NBA. A total of 11 games were played, highlighted by Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook facing each other on their former teams, the Clippers trying to bounce back after a disappointing loss to Phoenix, and the Knicks, Kings, Pelicans, and Pacers all looking to get their first

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Gold or Fool’s Gold: 5 Experts Takes on Kawhi’s Free Agency…

This Kawhi Leonard decision is turning into the craziest things to ever happen in NBA Free Agency history. Unlike “The Decision” which was broadcast on ESPN, or Kevin Durant’s surprise signing with the Warriors, two decisions that shocked the world, it’s the unknown that is killing everyone. It’s been a wild couple of days and

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