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The Truth About Andrew Wiggins…

Andrew Wiggins entered the league with absurdly high expectations which has subjected to him to a lot of unfair scrutiny. After all, his numbers in his first 5 seasons aren’t that bad, in fact, from 2014-2019 his numbers weren’t much different than Jimmy Butlers or Klay Thompsons, yet he’s received a massive amount of criticism.

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Harden Makes Lots of Free Throws, Kawhi & Clippers Bounce Back, & New York Gets a Win.

Last night was a busy one for the NBA. A total of 11 games were played, highlighted by Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook facing each other on their former teams, the Clippers trying to bounce back after a disappointing loss to Phoenix, and the Knicks, Kings, Pelicans, and Pacers all looking to get their first

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