Wolves vs Wizards Preview: We need another dominant win.

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Tonight the Timberwolves (7-4) face off against the Wizards (2-7) for the second time this season. The first game saw the Wolves winning by 22 points in dominant fashion, hitting 17 threes, and shooting 53% from the field. They’ll look to do much of the same tonight, hoping to bring their winning streak to 3 games.

On the surface, tonight would appear to be an easy one for the Wolves; just a nice warm-up for the real game tomorrow when they’ll face the red hot Houston Rockets.

Unfortunately, it won’t be.

If you’ll remember, the Wizards went toe-to-toe with the Rockets, the same team that made it to the Western Conference Finals last year, who also have Russell Westbrook now… It was arguably the best game of the season, the Rockets barely pulling out a 159-158 win in the 9th highest scoring game of all-time; and that was without an overtime!

The Wizards are much better than their record would indicate.

They rank 8th in points per game and 5th in offensive rating. The only problem is they allow the third most points and have the second worst defensive rating in the NBA. That’ll be a problem facing a team like the Minnesota Timberwolves who rank 5th in points per game, and 4th in pace.

The Wizards can go bucket-for-bucket with just about anyone so the Wolves have to come out hot, get ahead early, and coast. They’ll want to rest Wiggins and Towns as much as they can because they’ll need everything they can get from them tomorrow against the Houston Rockets.

Prediction: Wolves 127-Wizards 116



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