Warriors Woes. New Haircut, New Wiggins? Dwight Howard Did What?

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Yesterday was the greatest day of the year: Sports Equinox. The one day where the NHL, MLB, NFL, and NBA all play games on the same day. Yet again, the NBA showed itself to be the best league of the four, with another exciting night of basketball, full of story lines.

Here are a few:

Warrior Woes

I don’t watch the Warriors too often due to my pure hatred of the team but I just happened to flip through the game yesterday. Upon seeing the Oklahoma City Thunder up by nearly forty points in the 3rd quarter I had to immediately rush to an optician and make sure that my eyes were doing okay.

The Warriors, the team that broke the record for the most wins in a five-year span and went to five straight NBA Finals, down by forty to the rebuilding Thunder?


Without Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant this Warriors team has been dreadful, losing their first two games by a combined 47 points. This slow start makes you wonder if Stephen Curry and Steve Kerr really deserve as much credit as get…

New Haircut, New Wiggins?

Out of all the players in the NBA, few catch more flack than Andrew “Maple Jordan” Wiggins. He came into the league as the most hyped up player since LeBron James, and unlike LeBron, has done little to live up to that hype.

He averaged 18 points last season on a dreadful 41% shooting from the field, and looked miserable each and every night he was on the hardwood. That, might be starting to change…

In the season opener Andrew Wiggins led the Wolves to victory against the Brooklyn Nets with two clutch drives in overtime, and last night, continued that clutch play against the Heat, hitting 4 threes, and scoring 16 points in the final 6 minutes of the game.

He even managed to crack a couple smiles!

Wiggins is looking more confident than ever under Coach Ryan Saunders and seems to be developing well under the young coach. Time will tell if this will continue throughout the season but after 3 games, it looks like Andrew has found a role as our closer.

Fingers crossed Wolves Fans!

Dwight Howard is Superman for a Night

I’ve always thought that Dwight Howard calling himself superman was ridiculous. For one, Shaquille O’neal is superman, and you Dwight, are not Shaq.

Sure, you both have biceps bigger than most peoples thighs, suck at shooting free throws, are freakish athletes, and started your careers with the Orlando Magic, but that’s where the similarities end.

As far as I’m concerned, Dwight Howard is one of the biggest wastes of talent the NBA has ever seen, and I say this as a fan. It seems like Dwight never recovered from his Kobe Trauma, as he hasn’t averaged 20 or more points in over six seasons.

He’s back on the Lakers now though, playing with a new leader, LeBron James who is a much nicer man than Kobe Bryant, and it looks as though Dwight might have a resurgence.

Last night, he looked like Superman.

Playing against his former team, the Charlotte Hornets, Dwight scored 16 points on 8 of 8 shooting, grabbed 10 boards, and blocked 4 shots. All of this in just 22 minutes of play!

If he continues to show this kind of effort he may find his way into the starting lineup as Javale McGee has struggled through the first 3 games of the year.

I’m rooting for you Dwight!

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