A Few Impressions After Week One

The Lakers Bad trade, the Clippers loss, Trae Young, and more…

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The first week of the 2019-2020 season is behind us and it’s been just as exciting as we all expected it to be. With all of the action in the off-season, the landscape of the league is completely different. With all of these changes it’s hard to gauge how successful they are after just one week of action, but I’m going to make some predictions anyway.

The Lakers Would be Better with their Young Guys

The Lakers General Manager, LeBron James, gave away a lot in order to get Anthony Davis. Two second overall picks and a first rounder in Josh Hart, not to mention all the future draft picks. I’ll be clear, Anthony Davis is a top ten player in the league, however, was he really worth giving up so much? Also, are the Lakers better because of the trade?

Last night against the Rockets the trio of former Lakers accounted for 76 of the Pelicans 123 points. Brandon Ingram lead the way with 35. Ingram also grabbed 15 boards and Lonzo dished 10 assists without a single turnover.

All LeBron had to do was be a little patient and his young core could help him get back to the Finals, but, he is a part of the instant gratification generation and he was itching to trade away the teams future, in hopes of getting a quick ring.

Well LeBron, I think you made the wrong choice. You don’t have a point guard, Danny Green is one dimensional, and as injury prone as Davis is, do you think he’ll be able to stay healthy not only through the grueling regular season, but deep into the playoffs?

Time will tell, but ask yourselves this, do you honestly think the Anthony Davis makes up for the loss of Lonzo, Ingram, and Hart?

Karl Anthony-Towns is the Best Center In the NBA

Karl has been very scrutinized throughout his short NBA career. He’s always had good numbers, but still, that “soft” label has stuck. Needless to say, the Jimmy Butler situation didn’t help.

This year, it looks like Karl has taken the next step. He has unleashed the beast. His numbers after two games are ridiculous: 36.5 ppg, 14.5 rpg, 5.5 apg, 3.5 spg, 2.5 bpg, and he’s made 11 threes on 61% shooting.

KAT is dominating in every facet of the game, and with a drastically improved bench, could seriously lead the Timberwolves to the playoffs this year.

The Clippers Aren’t Immortal

After the first two games where the Clippers defeated LeBron’s Lakers handily, and absolutely destroyed the Warriors, many were already throwing in the towel. I mean seriously, they made both of those Western Conference giants look like average teams.

So, last night when the played the Phoenix Suns, the worst team in the west last year, everyone expected it to be a blowout of historic proportions. Then, the Suns shocked us all by not only beating the Clippers, but by making their elite defense look mediocre.

I watched the game and I couldn’t believe how many times Booker got easy layups, Saric got wide open looks from downtown, and Kelly Oubre Jr. got to the line.

I know, it’s just one game, and Paul George is still out, but it proves that the Clippers aren’t immortal. They, like every other team with new pieces, still have some things to work out.

I tip my hat to the Suns.

Trae Young is the second coming of Stephen Curry… Except that he’s not.

Young shut his doubters up in the last half of his rookie season, proving that he could score in this league.

After two games, Trae Young has continued off of the momentum he built from last season and then some. He’s hit 11 three’s on 55% shooting, and is averaging 38.5 ppg. Suddenly, those Stephen Curry comparisons don’t seem so ridiculous.

They’re both incredibly quick, have great handles, can always create space and even when they are smothered, drain three after three…

With all their similarities I think it’s worth noting that Trae is a much better passer than Curry. Stephen Curry could hardly be considered a point guard. To me, he’s a shooting guard who’s too short to play shooting guard. Trae is the Atlanta Hawks offense, and in my opinion, a truer point guard than Steph.

Harden isn’t going to get in the way of the Triple-double Machine

James Harden has started the season off very slow. He’s shot a dreadful 8-29 against the Pelicans, not to mention 2-18 from three. He also had 8 turnovers. Gross!

Despite that, Russell Westbrook actually played very well, scoring 28 points on 52% shooting, dishing 13 assists, and grabbing 10 rebounds which was good enough for his 139th triple-double. That puts him at number two on the all-time triple-doubles list, putting him 42 away from the great Oscar Robertson.

So far he’s averaging a triple-double as he has for the last three seasons, and I don’t expect that to change any time soon, even with Harden chucking up bricks.

Honorable Mentions

Kyrie is clutch.

Luka and Kristaps guarantee the Mavericks success for years to come.

The East is better than expected.

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