Gold or Fool’s Gold: 5 Experts Takes on Kawhi’s Free Agency…

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This Kawhi Leonard decision is turning into the craziest things to ever happen in NBA Free Agency history. Unlike “The Decision” which was broadcast on ESPN, or Kevin Durant’s surprise signing with the Warriors, two decisions that shocked the world, it’s the unknown that is killing everyone.

It’s been a wild couple of days and in order to kill some time while we wait, I’ve decided to play Gold or Fool’s Gold, where I give my ratings of Expert’s takes.

In this edition, we look at 5 takes regarding Kawhi’s free agency decision:


“If No. 2 lifted the Clippers to a championship, I’d Finally be impressed.”

-Skip Bayless

Rating: Fool’s Gold

Seriously, Skip? You weren’t impressed by Kawhi being the leading scorer in the playoffs as well as the leader in offensive and defensive win shares; meaning that he was literally the best player on both ends of the floor.

How about losing game 1 in the first round then winning 4 straight, going down 2-1 to the 76ers, forcing the series to 7 games, then hitting a buzzer beater to win the series?

Or how about when the Raptors went down 2-0 to Giannis and the Bucks, who had the best record in the NBA, then won the next 4 games. Oh yeah, then they beat the Golden State Warriors to win the NBA finals.

None of that impressed you, huh?


“I’m 99% sure Kawhi Leonard will return to Toronto.”

Jalen Rose

Rating: Fool’s Gold

Aren’t we all just tired of hearing these predictions, and about what so and so’s “sources” said? Chris Broussard of FS1 just said he was 94% sure that Kawhi was going to the Lakers after talking to his sources, now Jalen is telling us that his sources say he’s signing with the Raptors.

Okay guys…


“A lot of premature reports out there. Kawhi has not made his decision yet and all 3 teams are still in it. Yes, Lakers and Clippers are still in play and I’m 100% certain of this. I wouldn’t hold my breath on getting an answer any time soon. Kawhi is still undecided.

-Cris Carter

Rating: Gold

Now, Cris Carter could have gone the route that most of his counterparts have, mentioning a bunch of unnamed, possibly imaginary sources, but he hasn’t done that.

Instead he’s called out all of the premature reports being made and told everyone to hold their horses. Thank you Cris for being humble enough to admit that you have no idea what Kawhi is going to do!


“I’m hearing word from a couple reliable sources out there that Kawhi is going to the Lakers, I don’t know how true it is to be quite honest with you…”

-Stephen A. Smith

Rating: Fool’s Gold

This little quote taken off of Stephen A.’s radio show is really something else. How are you going to call your sources reliable and then turn around and say that you don’t know how true their statements are?

Kind of makes you question how reliable your sources are eh’ Stephen?


“If Kawhi joins the Lakers it will destroy the league.”

-Max Kellerman

Rating: Gold

If Kawhi signs with the Clippers or the Raptors this will be the most balanced the competition has been in well over a decade. Finally, we will go into a season without knowing exactly who is making the Finals. In other words, Kawhi will kill the era of the “Super Team”, at least momentarily.

However, if he does sign with the Lakers, then the endless cycle continues. The Los Angeles Lakers will, barring injury, win the NBA Finals. There would be no point in watching basketball for at least an entire season.

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