Writing a Children’s Book

There are a lot of things that are harder than they appear: golfing, making a podcast, taking a great photo, surfing, and last but not least writing a children’s book. I remember reading books to my niece’s and nephew’s and thinking to myself, “man, think of how easy it would be to write a book like this.” It wasn’t until recently, when I began trying to, that I discovered it isn’t exactly a walk in the park.

First off: ideally, it needs to rhyme; not only that, but it has to make sense and keep the flow of the story going.

Not every kids story rhymes, but I feel like some of the very best ones do every time. It makes the book more fun for the parents to read, and it makes it more fun for the kids to listen to, indeed. It makes it play out as a song in a way, so when writing a children’s story, rhyme, rhyme, away!

Secondly: it has to have some sort of moral.

You know, clean your room or your room will turn into a jungle, brush your teeth or your teeth will fall out and you’ll die, don’t eat too many sweets or you will contribute to America’s obesity epidemic, things like that.

Third: the book has to have fun, engaging, well illustrated images.

There really isn’t a point in creating a children’s book if the child themselves can draw better than the author. Luckily my mother is a world class artist and has already offered to illustrate the book for me. So on that end, I am covered!

Fourth: it has to be original.

I do not like green eggs and h- “Sh*t, that’s already been done?”

Whether we like to admit it as writers, nearly everything has been done. You begin writing something and then you realize that it’s too similar to something else and you have to start all over. This is especially difficult with children’s books.

Fifth, you have to put yourself into the mind of a child.

In order to write a children’s book, you have to think like a child. You have to work your imagination double time just to appeal to the incredibly imaginative mind of a child… or you can just take loads of psychedelic drugs (just kidding mom).

Lastly: It has to appeal to those pesky parents just as much as it appeals to the children.

It could be argued that the story has to be just as appealing, if not more appealing to the parents who are reading the book to the child. This is easily one of the hardest parts about it since we know parent’s already have their favorite books from their own childhoods.

So, before writing a children’s book, keep all of these things in mind, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be able to write one just fine.


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