How a Centipede Saved my Relationship

Growing up I had the worst case of Chilopodophobia known to man. Meaning the very sight of a single centipede would cause my hair to stand on end and my whole body to quiver in disgust. I’d race upstairs to find a shoe to squash it with, hoping that it would still be there when I returned. If it was gone, then I’d burn my house down.

Now that I’ve grown up though, I’ve come to terms with my phobia, and I actually kind of like the creatures. Not only are they predators to many of the things you don’t want in your house (see attached article), but they also helped me obtain my girl friend’s forgiveness in record time.

Here’s how:

My girl friend and I were having a small dispute. I don’t recall the exact reason for the dispute (I know, we men are clueless) but it was enough for her to go out into the living room and refuse to sleep in the same room as me. She sat there with her arms folded as I continually apologized for whatever I did wrong, and begged her to come back to the room.

She wouldn’t budge.

I was just about to give up, when out of the corner of my eye, I saw something move: right on the wall, only 5 feet from her head, was a small house centipede. The opportunity was too great to ignore.

I got up from my chair and sighed, “Well, if you want to spend the night out here with that centipede by your head then I guess that’s fine.”

Before I could even react she was sprinting across the living room, down the hall, and into our bedroom shrieking the whole entire time. Just like that our fight was extinguished and I was able to enjoy a good nights rest next to my girl friend.

So give those House Centipedes a chance, they aren’t too bad of guys once you put aside the fact that they’re creepy and have just under one million legs; and hey, if your girl friend ever refuses to sleep in the same room as you, don’t be afraid to pull the “hey there’s a centipede” stunt, even if there isn’t one.

They might just save you from an argument, or better yet, save your relationship!

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